Pregnancy meanderings.

As much as it amazes me how different our two children are, this pregnancy is really shocking me a lot more!  The first two were night-and-day in the sense that with E, I had hyperemesis gravidarum and threw up all the way through to and in labor, whereas with R, I literally didn’t throw up a single time.   But otherwise, the two pregnancies were pretty similar–similar aches and pains (and lack thereof), similar cravings (and lack thereof).  I felt like I was on familiar terrain the second time around, and was just immensely thankful not to be puking.  So I thought #3 would be similar.

And it really hasn’t been, at all.  I’ve actually felt a lot better all around–I did have pretty bad morning sickness (although nothing approaching the way it was the first time), but, well, here’s a good illustration: with #1, I was absolutely miserable trying to sleep, until I finally got a pregnancy support pillow for Christmas at about five months.  I still tossed and turned and was really sore, though.  With #2, I still had the pregnancy pillow and unhesitatingly pulled it out of the basement at about two months!  This time “˜round, however I still haven’t gotten it out.  I’m really amazed at how non-pregnancy-y I feel as far as being sore and uncomfortable.  It’s really nice!  I’ve really only been noticing the past few days that my back is starting to get a bit achey by the end of the day–another symptom that’s hit a lot earlier before.  And the best thing of all no restless leg syndrome so far this time!  Sometimes I think that’s worse than morning sickness.

Really the only thing I’m struggling with this pregnancy is that my metabolism seems to be through the roof, and I’m having so much trouble with eating enough that it has, in some ways, been more serious / harder to deal with than the hyperemesis was.  A lot pleasanter, for which I’m thankful, but also scarier because I have moments when I’m quite sure I’m going to pass out.  (Although now that I think about it–I actually did pass out when I was pregnant with E, so maybe my memory is just flawed on that point, and it’s only scarier “˜cause I have two munchkins running around who would be very much unsupervised if I did pass out, haha.)  I think I’m also dealing with some aftereffects from the diastasis incurred last time “˜round which is really minor as a complaint (I just keep pulling my abdominal muscles, which rather hurts but not for long), but I think I need to mention it at my next appointment.  I don’t think it had had time to heal between R’s birth and now, and I’m a little worried about the future implications of that.  (Recommendation of pregnancy support belts welcome)

One fantastically good thing: I don’t think I’ve been nearly as tired this time!  And I think it’s easier, honestly, to take care of a two-year-old (E) and a five-thru-fifteen-month old (R) than it was to take care of a single seven-through-seventeen-month old (E, when pregnant with R).  E’s very existence really helps with R, because she’s good at fetching and picking things up off the floor–not to mention entertaining her little sister!  Toddlers are pretty nice things to have around if you’re pregnant, apparently!

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