Weighing outside activities.

Julie / September 17, 2010

I really like this blog post: When It’s Time to Just Say No.  I recently joined a morning Bible study–biweekly–and it was a really big decision for me, one I’d never had to make before because we didn’t have a car and so I was “stuck” at home.  And I struggled pretty deeply over what this two-hours-every-other-week would mean for…

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Staying at home.

Sometimes I feel like a lot of people want me to get rid of my kids.  Can’t you get a babysitter?  Don’t you want to put them in the nursery?  Can’t you leave them with your mom?  Let’s have a mom’s night out.  I should add–I don’t mean my husband.  He’s mostly like me; rather bring them with us than…

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Keepers at Home

No idea who this author/organization is, but this is a really good article.  He hits on two big points:  moms/wives staying at home, and also the much rarer point of keeping one’s children at home and being actively, constantly involved in their rearing.