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I find myself suggesting the same books to people over and over again, so I thought I’d mention them here.  MANY are available free online.

Especially for Young People

Christian Living


  • Teri Maxwell, Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit – this book is about much more than homeschooling, and useful to non-homeschoolers (especially with small children).  Also don’t miss her helpful books on scheduling, and encouraging tidbits for parents throughout the Titus2 website.
  • Denise Sproul, Tending  Your Garden: Wisdom for Keepers at Home – I don’t agree with all the theology in this book (dominionist and theonomist) but the practical advice is very, very excellent.
  • Rachel Jankovic, Loving the Little Years – I know I have theological disagreements with the author, although I don’t remember them creeping up in this book.  General encouragement for mommies of littles.
  • Pam Forster, For Instruction in Righteousness – the Forster family has created lots of practical resources for parents (much like the Maxwells, above), but this one is my favorite.

Inspirational Biographies

  • John Piper, The Swans are Not Silent series: I especially recommend The Hidden Smile of God and The Roots of Endurance.
  • Charles Ray, The Life of Susannah Spurgeon – I’ve written about this book and its tremendous effect on my life on here before…. in a post that seems to be no longer on the blog.  I should re-write this one, because this little book continues to resonate throughout my life. 🙂

Children’s Books


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