The Chronicles of Walking R

So the highlight of my day today was E helping R walk. She walked behind her, holding her hands, while R just plowed right along from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen.

The funny part about all this is that R weighs maybe half of what E does, so when R pitches forward uncontrollably, E is nearly pulled off her feet trying to stop her from falling. It’s a scary process. But oh so adorable.

I’m hoping that with #3, E will be a little more balanced herself. R would be walking so much better if someone had more time to spend helping her! As it is, she’s really started to take off. She stands by herself for a long time now, and takes a few hesitating steps. It’s kind of funny how different she is from E — R has much better balance than E did, but isn’t nearly as much of a daredevil, so she doesn’t try so much.

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