The Mom I Want to Be

When I read this on Raising Arrows this morning, I thought it was a really good, thoughtful idea.  So, here’s the mom I want to be:

  • I want to teach the things that are essential.  I want my children to be equipped as saints.  Period.  Part of this incorporates many things that may at first seem unrelated (like, say, math), but this, in the end, is the only important thing.  If it isn’t helpful as a Christian, if it doesn’t glorify God, then I don’t want to waste our time.  I want them to eat, breathe, and sleep about Jesus.
  • I want to raise adults.  Not children.  I don’t want to teach them how to be good children; I don’t want to teach them obedience merely to make my own life easier; I don’t want to force them to do everything “my” way.  I want to teach them the skills to be grown-ups.  I want them to start turning more and more into grown-ups with every passing day.
  • I want to treat them as fellow beings made in the image of God.  I want to treat them with respect.  I want to recognize their personhood.  I want to speak to them kindly.  I want to love them with patience and understanding.
  • I want to train them to be good stewards of the world.  Even if they are not called to Christ, I want them to treat others with dignity, to live wisely within the environment, and to see the inherent good in social good works.  I want them to have a heart for the hungry and kindness for the downtrodden.  I want them to reflect the Gospel and the goodness of God even if they reject it.
  • I want to hold them loosely.  The Lord gives and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord!  I don’t want to idolize my children.  I don’t want to even fear losing them; I want to trust in Him and in His goodness and in His grace.
  • I want them to see in me what it is to be a good wife.  Which means, of course, that I want to be one.


I’m sure this list will change as time goes on, but these were the first things that came to mind.

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