Stay at home… daughters?

In many ways, my thoughts about the stay-at-home-daughter “movement” are still in flux–so this isn’t an endorsement!–but this blog by one of them is full of many excellent ideas and thoughts, perhaps particularly for those who are not yet married, although I’m finding many good posts that are perfectly applicable to me as well! I love the perspective of spending one’s pre-marriage life in preparation for one’s married life.  This post, by the author’s sister, is also well worth reading. One quote:

As young women not yet married, we have the responsibility to become as well-rounded and useful as we can be.  Right now you probably don’t have the full care of running the home–this is an excellent opportunity to prepare yourself for the rest of your life.  The more helpful skills we acquire, the more useful, the more of a blessing we will be to our future husbands and families.

Aren’t I full of linky randomness today?  This is what happens when I’m so tired I’m falling asleep accidentally…

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